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Sunday Seekers is the name for the Sunday school for St. George’s church, Eastergate.



Eastergate Primary school, then back to church for Communion or a Blessing.



9.45am Every Sunday, except the first Sunday of the month, when we join the Family service.



School age children



Sunday Seekers gives the young children of our congregation the chance to worship, have fun and learn about their faith in an engaging way. We aim to provide a safe emotional environment to allow children to be able to ask questions and investigate their own faith whilst developing Bible knowledge.



On arrival at the school the first ten minutes is spent playing games before gathering altogether for a song and a prayer. We then split into groups (dictated by age) to learn about the Bible story of the week and to take part in activities to help us understand this. These range from things like drama, colouring, word searches to a variety of craft activities or making sound effects……anything really! We end by sharing our findings and saying the Lord’s Prayer together, before walking safely back to Church for the Communion and final hymn and blessing.


We welcome new members and would love to meet you!


Below is a slide-show of some of our recent activities...

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